Revolutionizing Golf Club Repair

 We G.E.T. love your clubs. At ParWest Golf, we understand what your golf clubs mean to you. With a fully-renovated golf club repair center & over 20 years of experience in the industry, we feature Golf Equipment Technicians. Our staff are experts in all facets of club building, repair, refurbishing, & customization. When you bring your clubs to us, you can expect unmatched attention-to-detail by our certified professionals. That's our homegrown promise.

By the way, did we mention we have our OLCC? That's right. Come get your iron set regripped & have a cold pint by locally-owned Gateway Brewing. Located less than 4 minutes away, the craft beer from Gateway Brewing is as fresh as it gets.

Full Service Golf Club Repair Shop

Grip Install



On-the-spot installation. Have a beer or glass of wine at our repair counter and watch the process!

*Bring-your-own grip install: $4.00

*Bubble shaft grip install: $5.00

Belly Putter Grip Install



Save Grip



Grip removal with no structure damage

Shaft & Adapter Install or Re-Epoxy Work



After any repair work, our goal is to return your club as close to 'original condition' as possible.

Shaft Removal



Pull club head and prep

Shaft Lengthening



Shaft Shortening



Loft & Lie Adjustment
(Set of 8)



*Single Club: $4.50
*Putter: $10

Swing Weight Adjustment



Club Head Rattle Repair



Bore-Thru Shaft Install



Expedited Same Day Grip Install Fee